Our beautiful campsite overlooking the Mulshi Lake boasts a variety of fun and convenient amenities. No luxury but enough to make your camping experience memorable and fun-filled.

Camp Features:
  1. Ample parking space.
  2. 3 acres of tranquillity.
  3. Access to clean drinking water.
  4. Acess to clean common washrooms.
  5. Panaromic view point.
  6. Barbecue equipment.
Tent Features:
  1. High quality 2 person spacious tents with double entrance, waterproofing and cross ventilation.
  2. The tent has no-see-um netting to keep unwanted insects out of your tent.
  3. Comfortable bedding, pillows, bed-sheet and blanket.
  4. Potable light with dimmer for each tent.
  5. Chairs outside each tent.
Clean Restrooms and Showers:

At Terra Camp Stays, we know that nothing can ruin a fun family camping trip faster that dirty, dingy bathroom facilities. We keep our washrooms immaculately clean day in and day out, to set your mind at ease.

Modern facilities are available with showers and toiletries. The bathrooms have running water showers (with geyser) and the toilets are western style flush toilets. We can provide hot water in buckets with advance notice in case of geyser failure.

  1. First Aid available on campsite.
  2. The campsite is located in a 3 acre compounded private property.
  3. General Physician contact details are available with caretaker.
  4. Night lighting for guidance.
  1. Be sure to zip up the tent before you call it a night.
  2. For your safety please note swimming is strictly prohibited in Mulshi Lake.
  3. Listen to the camp in charge.
  1. Dress for comfort and travel with a light backpack.
  2. Footwear - carry comfortable walking shoes for nature trail and comfortable slippers for your stay.
  3. Carry a towel.
  4. Carry personal medication, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, sunglasses.
  5. Carry a torch, power bank and camera.
  6. Carry binoculars if you are a avid bird watcher.
  7. Carry your musical instrument.
  8. Carry a book you purchased but never got a chance to read.
  9. Carry your food items which you would like to barbecue.
  10. Stay warm - carry a light sweater or woolen/jacket as per season.
  11. Store food securely - keep food in secure containers to avoid insects.
Things To Do

Nature Walk
Take the trail down to the river front.

Enjoy quality time together by playing outdoor games like badminton and a variety of board games and indoor games.

Experience barbecue or sit by a bonfire and relax in the beauty of nature or share untold stories.

Andarban Trek
Refresh yourself with a trek through Andharban in the Sahayadris. The word 'Andharban' literally means dark forest and takes you on a trail through dense overgrowth, with beautiful views of the Devkund waterfall and Kundalika valley. The trek is very enjoyable during monsoon and post monsoon when it is lush green.

Distance from campsite: 25 kms

Tamhini Ghat
Tamhini Ghat is situated on the crest of the Western Ghat mountain ranges and is popular for its beautiful surroundings including scenic waterfalls, lakes and dense forests.

Distance from campsite: 27 kms