How far is the campsite?

The campsite is located at a convenient distance of 169 km from Central Mumbai, 48 km from Chandni Chowk (Pune) and 30 km from Hinjewadi (Pune).

What are the activities at the campsite?

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What is the tent size? How many people can accommodate in one tent?

We have spacious 2 person tents. The tents are of high quality with with double entrance, waterproofing, cross ventilation and mosquito nets. You can also store your backpack inside the tent.

What are the arrangements in a tent?

Each tent has comfortable bedding, pillows, bed-sheet and blanket. In addition we also provide potable light with dimmer for each tent. For your comfort we have also provided chairs outside each tent. Click here for list of amenities.

Is the camping safe for woman and children?

The campsite is very safe and located in a 3 acre private property. The parents need to be mindful of the kids and monitor them.

What are the safety features of the campsite?

The campsite is located in a compounded 3 acre private compound. There is night lighting for guidance. Click here for safety features.

Are the toilets attached to tent?

No, toilets are not attached to tent. There are common restrooms with toiletries. The bathrooms have running water showers (with geyser) and the toilets are western style flush toilets. We can provide hot water in buckets with advance notice in case of geyser failure. Do remember to carry your own towel. Click here for camping tips.

Are the washrooms at campsite clean?

At Terra Camp Stays, we know that nothing can ruin a fun family camping trip faster that dirty, dingy bathroom facilities. We keep our washrooms immaculately clean day in and day out, to set your mind at ease.

How many washrooms do you have at the campsite and how far are the washrooms from the tents?

We have 2 toilets and 2 shower facilities located approximately 50 meters from the tents.

Do you have separate washrooms for men and woman?

No, the restrooms are common.

What is the maximum capacity of the campsite?

At the moment we are setting camp for 8-10 campers only.

Are there wild animals or insects?

No, there no wild animals near the campsite but being in natural surroundings there are insects. However we do our best to keep the camping area free of insects and the tents have No-see-um netting to keep unwanted insects out of your tent.

What are the medical resources at the campsite?

A first aid kit is available at the campsite and there is a doctor available in the nearby village. However we advice you to carry your personal medication. Click here for camping tips.

Can we charge our mobiles?

There are no charging points in the campgrounds. We recommend you to carry a power bank for your own convenience.

How is the mobile network at the campsite?

The networks of Vodafone, Jio and Idea are good. Other networks such as Airtel, BSNL, are poor or unreachable.

Do you provide wireless internet at the campsite?

No, we do not provide wireless internet.

Do you have cable TV at the campsite?

No, we do not have cable TV.

Do you have porter service at the campsite?

No, we do not have porter service.

What should we carry to the campsite?

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Is the campsite pet friendly?

No, pets are not allowed.

What are the drinking water arrangements at the campsite?

You will have access to unlimited refills (self service) of filtered drinking water. We discourage the use of plastic and provide metal bottles for refill and reuse.

What do you provide in your meals?

We provide only a starter pack, high tea and snacks on check-in and breakfast with tea before check-out. We do have a limited menu available from 5 pm to 10 pm which can be purchased at an extra cost. Please click here for a detailed description of meal possibilities at the campsite.

Since we are located on the Paud-Mulshi road you will find plenty of restaurants around the area.

Do we have to roast our own BBQ?

We provide a common barbecue grill. Please get the food items of your choice which you would like to grill.

Can we get our own food and beverages?

Yes, you can get your own food, barbecue and soft beverages.

Is there a refrigerator at the campsite?

No, we do not have a refrigerator.

Are there any local supplies available around the campsite?

Since we are located on the Paud-Mulshi road you will find plenty of restaurants around the area.

Do you serve liquor at the campsite?

No, we do not serve liquor.

Can we play music in the campsite?

Playing loud music is not permissible, however you can play some soft music or bring your musical instrument. Kindly be be mindful of fellow campers. Silence hours are observed after 10:30 PM. Click here for campsite rules.

Can I smoke in the campsite?

No, smoking is not permitted on the campsite. You will need to move out of the campsite to smoke. Click here for campsite rules.

Can I swim in Mulshi Lake?

No, swimming is strictly prohibited in Mulshi Lake. Click here for advisory.

Can I start my own bonfire?

Do not start any fires without checking with staff. Click here for campsite rules.

What is the tariff, inclusions, cancellation policy and refund policy?

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What are the check-in and check-out timings?

A night of camping has a check-in time of 4:30 pm and a checkout time of 10:30 am. You can request a late checkout and we will be very happy to oblige if we have room.

What is the minimum check-in age?

The minimum check-in age is 18 with valid age and address proof. For individuals and groups below 18, you will need to get a consent form duly signed by parents before checking-in.

Can I pay while check-in?

Prior Booking and payment is required for all days. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. For booking now click here!!

Who are the staff at the campsite?

The property caretaker will be there to serve you.