4:30 pm - Check-in to your tent and brighten up your mood with refreshing tea and snacks while enjoying panoramic views of the Mulshi lake.


4.30 pm to 10.30 pm - Enjoy quality time together by playing games and experience a barbecue.


10.30 pm to 12.00 pm - End your day over a cosy bonfire with untold stories and star gazing.

Day 2

Nature Walk

8.00 am - Wake up to bird songs and piping hot tea and take a nature walk down to the lake.


9.00 am to 10.00 am - Treat yourself to a simple but hearty breakfast with tea.


10:30 am - Departure. We look forward to seeing you again.

  1. Evening snacks: Onion Bhajiya with Tea
  2. Breakfast: Poha or Upma & tea
Camping Starter Pack Provided Per person
  1. Cup Noodles (1 packet)
  2. Biscuits (2 packets)
  3. Masala Tea Premix (2 sachets)
  4. Sachets of Sugar and Tomato Sauce
Common Utilities Available
  1. Electric Kettle
  2. Plates, spoons and glasses
  3. Barbecue equipment and coal
Limited menu available at extra cost - 5 pm to 10 pm
  1. Bhajiya/Poha/Upma Rs 50/-
  2. Tea - Rs 15/-
Tent Etiquette
  1. Footwear is not allowed inside the tent.
  2. No eating, drinking, cooking or smoking inside the tent.
  3. Do not put any vertical weight on the tent as it is not designed to hold weight.
Campsite Rules
  1. You can get your own food, barbecue and soft beverages.
  2. Silence hours: Please be mindful of fellow campers. Music and noise will not be allowed after 10:30 PM.
  3. Do not litter the campsite.
  4. Playing loud music is not permissible, however you can play some soft music or bring your musical instrument.
  5. Do not start any bonfires without checking with staff.
  6. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the campsite.
  7. Vehicles should be parked only in designated parking area.
  8. Do not pluck flowers and vegetables from the campsite.
  9. In case of any breakages or loss to the property, charges would be levied on the customers responsible.

Get Ready...

to rejuvenate in the lap of Mother Nature. The team at Terra Camp Stays welcomes you and is committed to making your camping experience comfortable and memorable.